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About HRMS

Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is the flagship project of Center for Modernizing Government Initiative – CMGI, a society under the General Administration Department, Government of Odisha. HRMS is a database – and - application software to carry out personnel transaction of government employees online through Internet. This aims to be the primary vehicle of transactions of government employees. HRMS is the repository of all the service records of the employees of Government of Odisha; through HRMS, an employee may apply for leave, loan, or send their reports, requests or grievances. They can receive the sanction or reply online from their office. HRMS software automatically prepares all accounts and registers of an employee, like Service Book, Leave Account, Loan Account, Salary Account, Incumbency Chart etc., retrieving relevant data from transactions. It also helps the superannuating employees to prepare their pension papers on the click of buttons and help authorities to process pension papers easily and quickly. Past transactions are captured as legacy data and incorporated into the database, and subsequent transactions are recorded in real time. The Service Book of each employee is the most complete repository of such transactions. Hence, service data of each employee from the service book is the backbone of HRMS database.